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Court Process

What happens when I apply for a Domestic Violence Order?

womens aid dundalk court processThe court system can be daunting, intimidating and unfamiliar. Below is what to expect when going to court. Women’s Aid Dundalk hold a drop-in court clinic on family law days in the Dundalk Courthouse, where a support worker can support you through the process.

– Call or email your local (Dundalk) District court to check when court is being held

– Go to the courthouse on the day given. Try to get there at approximately 9:30am – 10:00am

– On arrival, explain to security that you would like to attend the Women’s Aid Dundalk drop-in court clinic. They will escort you to the correct location

– A court support worker will meet with you and introduce themselves. They will reassure you that it is a confidential service and ask you for a brief description of what has brought you to court

– The court support worker will then explain the different types of Domestic Violence Orders so that you may decide which one best suits your needs

– They will then assist you in filling out the appropriate forms

– A file is prepared with all the required information for the Judge

– It will be explained to you in detail what happens within the courtroom and what to expect

– When inside the courtroom, the Judge will read your application and may ask you to clarify some points

– The Judge will then either grant or not grant your application

– On receipt of your requested order, you can return to the Women’s Aid Dundalk court clinic and show the court support worker your order, and discuss your return court date

– They will support and explain to you about the process of the full hearing, and advise what steps to take prior to this and further supports that you may avail of

– Bring your court order to your local Garda station and ask them to keep a copy of it on file