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Relationship Quiz

Relationship Quiz

If you answer yes to any of the below questions you could be experiencing domestic abuse. We also have a teen relationship quiz which can be downloaded here.

What you wish to do is entirely up to you. You can contact Women’s Aid Dundalk 24-hour Helpline for support and information on 042-9333244.

Am I Experiencing Domestic Abuse/Coercive Control?

Womens aid dundalk relationship quiz – Have you changed something about yourself because you were worried about what your partner would do or say?

– Are you ever afraid of your partner?

– Has your partner ever made it difficult for you to see your friends/family?

– Has your partner ever made you feel like nothing you do is right?

– Does your partner want to know what you are doing or who you are with at all times?

– Has your partner ever tried to stop you getting a job or attending education?

– Has your partner ever threatened you or your children?

– Does your partner ever make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells?

– Does your partner tell you that anything that goes wrong is your fault?

– Has your partner ever destroyed any of your belongings?

– Does your partner ever call you names or make you feel bad about yourself?

– Does your partner ever give you the silent treatment when you don’t do what they want?

– Does your partner ever make you feel guilty to get you to do things?

– Does your partner control your money?

– Does your partner use the children against you by telling you that if you leave, they will take the children?

– Has your partner ever threatened to hurt themselves if you were to leave?

– Does your partner accuse you of cheating on them?

– Does your partner check your phone or your social media accounts to see who you are in contact with?

– Has your partner ever pressured you to have sex with them?

– Does you partner often break your personal boundaries that you have clearly set?

– Does your partner make you feel as though there is something wrong with you?