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Impacts on Women

Impacts on Women

Experiencing Domestic Abuse/Coercive Control can affect many aspects of our lives. Below is a small example of a much larger list. You may find that you experience some or all of these examples at different points in your life.

Womens Aid Dundalk am I in abusive relationship

– Confusion
– Lack of self-confidence
– Embarrassment
– Guilt
– Blame
– Ability to cope affected
– Avoidance
– Low self-esteem
– Stress
– Addiction
– Depression & Anxiety
– Eating disorders
– PTSD or other mental health issues
– Psychosomatic disorders
– Suicidal thoughts

Womens Aid Dundalk Crisis Accommodation

– Physical injury
– Exhaustion
– Self-destructive behaviour
– Isolation
– Homelessness
– Hyper-vigilance
– Suicide
– Self-harm
– Physical health issues
– Financial instability
– Overcompensating with children
– Loss of job
– Inability to work
– Sleep deprivation
– Trust and judgement issues
– Inattentiveness toward children
– Difficulty forming appropriate relationships


Finding ways to cope can be difficult and some women may use substances or be forced to use substances. Substance use can be a major risk factor for Domestic Abuse/Coercive Control.
Using drugs or alcohol may exacerbate an abuser’s preexisting violent tendencies, but no concrete evidence has shown that using drugs or alcohol causes Domestic Abuse.
Abuse is a choice. Those who perpetrate domestic violence choose to willfully engage in abusive behaviour, and therefore they are the sole cause of domestic violence.
The use of substances by women can make them more vulnerable to abuse/coercion.
Women may turn to using substances to self-medicate their pain or attempt to dissolve their traumatic memories.
Substance use coercion:

– Deliberately introducing a partner to substances
– Forcing partners to carry, sell or buy drugs
– Encouraging substance use as a form of control over partners
– Sabotaging recovery efforts
– Leveraging access to substances to make someone stay in the relationship
– Using stigma associated with substance use to discredit them
– Interfering with their access to treatment

Women’s Aid Dundalk can support women in the referral process to get support around there addiction.

womens aid dundalk pregnant woman

Pregnancy can be a trigger for Domestic Abuse/Coercive Control, and existing abuse may get worse during pregnancy or after giving birth. Domestic Abuse during pregnancy puts you and your unborn child in danger. Research conducted internationally has revealed that 3 in 10 women (30%) who are subject to Domestic Abuse are physically assaulted for the first time when they are pregnant.
Some ways domestic violence can affect the mother and unborn baby:

– Preterm delivery
– Low birth weight
– Placental abruption
– Uterine rupture
– Hemorrhaging
– Foetal injuries
– Infection
– Miscarriage
– Stillbirth
– Mum may be less likely to attend prenatal care
– Mum may be less likely to care for their physical health