Expect Respect

Training & Workshops

Women’s Aid Dundalk are delighted to be in a position to provide a workshop focusing on healthy relationships, to all secondary schools.  The aim of our workshop is to take a look at what a healthy relationship looks like and then compare it to an unhealthy relationship, challenges gender inequality, sexual stereotyping and domestic violence.

Forming new relationships is a huge part in a young persons life,  whether it’s with their own families, with friends or within boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

Through discussion based methods we hope to get young people thinking about the relationships in their life, the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and if necessary the help that is available to them.

Each session is tailored to suit different age group and lasts about 90 minutes

Why is it important 95% of young women and 84% of young men reported knowing someone who had experienced abuse, violence and harassment ranging from being followed, to being forced to have sex, to being hit by a partner. The persons known were mainly young women.

Reported bullying in Irish secondary schools has now risen to 36% of all pupils