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Support & Awareness

Women’s Aid Dundalk provides awareness raising talks to all groups within the community. If you would like us to talk to your group contact us on 042 933 3245 to arrange the time and place and we’ll are only too happy to accomodate, as raising awareness is a vital part of our work.

Women’s Aid Dundalk provides a number of different support groups.



T.I.M.E – THIS IS ME. This is a five week programme and each week covers a different aspect of the female identity. It explores women’s issues through group discussions.

Introduction to Themes:

We are constantly sent message about who we are and who we should be.

WEEK 1 This is the foundation of the course. We look at the unwritten rules in society, taking a look at how we behave as women or men because we think society expects it of us, not because we want to do it. We do it because we feel we SHOULD, OUGHT OR MUST do it. For example, women should be the main care givers to children, or men should be the bread winners.

WEEK 2 We follow on with identity, who we are, where we get our identity from. Women can find they lose their identity for all sorts of reasons. For some it can happen coming from a violent situation or simply women can become so absorbed in family life that they find that their own sense of self becomes eroded.

WEEK 3  This week we focus on the body, what our bodies are made up off and the stages we go through in life. Who gives us messages about our bodies and what those messages are. What our likes and dislikes are regarding our bodies and how we should learn to love our bodies.

WEEK 4 The fourth week is feelings / emotions, this week we look at what feelings are, where we feel them in our bodies. We also spend a bit of time looking at anger and how we deal with our anger. Lastly we look at the effects of positive thinking verses negative thinking.

WEEK 5  This is about sexuality and follows the same format as the previous weeks, what messages we are given about sexuality, who sends them and what those messages are . How are we allowed to express our sexuality as women?

By the end of the five weeks, we hope that women will emerge with a better understanding of themselves. Of who they are and what they want for themselves. TIME is a five week programme; each week consists of a two hour session. For further information call 042 933 3245.

The Power to Change Programme.  This Support group is aimed at women who are currently living with domestic abuse or who have lived with abuse in the past. The first part of the programme looks at the impact of domestic violence on women and children. The second part of the programme helps provide tools such as boundaries and assetiveness skills and looks at the benifits these different tools provide. The programme consists of 12 two hour weekly sessions and one of the most important aspects of the group is the support the women provide one another.

Session 1: Basic Rights This session aims, among other things, to create a warm, safe and welcoming environment and ensure that everyone has a good understanding of their basic rights as women.

Session 2: Definition of Abuse This session develops an understanding of DV as an issue of power and control, involving sexual, emotional, financial and physical abuse and which is solely the responsibility of the perpetrator.

Session 3: Why is it so hard to leave? In this session, participants will look at the complex reasons why women find it hard to leave abusive relationships and analyse how women’s place in society contributes to these difficulties.

Session 4: Families & Children Participants will be helped to connect emotional patterns learned in childhood to difficulties in constructing healthy adult relationships, and will also learn some practical ways of supporting children experiencing DV.

Session 5: Boundaries The aims of this session include: defining boundaries, identifying situations in which boundaries could be challenged, looking at positive ways of asserting boundaries and understanding the link between the lack of clear, healthy boundaries and DV.

Session 6: Coping with grief, fear & guilt Participants will be helped to acknowledge, start to understand, and learn to manage the feeling of grief, fear, guilt and anxiety that accompany abusive relationships.

Session 7: Coping with Anger Participants will start to realise that anger is a natural emotion, understand the potential dangers in unresolved anger, and learn how to manage angry emotions constructively.

Session 8 & 9: Assertiveness Skills & Boundary Setting In these sessions, participants will gain a better understanding of assertiveness (including the difference between assertiveness and aggression)

Session 10: Assertiveness Techniques Participants will begin to learn practical ways of being assertive.

Session 11: Healthy Relationships The aims of this session are to identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship.

Session 12: Endings & New Beginnings The final session will recap what has been learnt in the course, celebrate how far the women have come, recognise individual strengths and accept the ending of the course, while anticipating new beginnings.

Information & Support Group for Family & Friends.

Supporting a friend or family member who is living with domestic abuse or who has experienced it in the past can be very difficult. Womens Aid Dundalk have set up this group to support you while you give your support to them. We host monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.00pm in the The Playroom Project, Mullaharlin Park. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For further information please contact: 042 9333245