About Us

About Us

Women’s Aid Dundalk is an organisation which believes in the basic rights of women who are, or who have lived with domestic violence. Refuge and support is available to all women and their children on an open door basis. It is a caring organisation, which provides a nurturing atmosphere for all involved. It enables personal growth and development through a philiosophy of mutual aid and self-help.

Mission Statement

Women’s Aid Dundalk seeks to work towards the elimination of violence against women and thier children in their own homes. Such violence occurs due to women’s unequal position in society, and is a violation of women’s human rights.  The guiding principles of Women’s Aid Dundalk are that the organisation is non-sectarian and non-racist regardless of class, creed, sexual orientation or physical ability. Our stated values include:

– Feminist approach and philosophy informing practice

– Respect for the individual

– Human Rights protection

– Freedom of expression

– Mutual Aid and self help approach

– Non-judgemental service provision

– Recognising power inequalities in society

A true strength of Women’s Aid Dundalk is that regardless of status, there is a shared compassion and concern for one another at the centre of the expertise in the organisation and this is inherent in all services it provides.